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Prince Harry demanded to know who downgraded his police protection: ‘I would like that person’s name’

Prince Harry demanded to know the person responsible for downgrading his UK police protection when he and his wife, Meghan Markle, were stripped of their security in February 2020.

On Wednesday, the Duke of Sussex, 39, lost his bid for taxpayer-funded UK security protection for his family and will have to pay out of pocket for his family’s security when visiting the UK.

Court documents have revealed that Harry even asked for the identity of who decreased the level of his personal protection on home soil.

“I would like that person’s name,” Harry said, according to the 52-page ruling published Wednesday.

Sir Peter Lane, the judge of the High Court in London, ruled that there was no unlawfulness in the initial decision to strip the Sussexes of their security.

Harry could potentially be made to foot a large bill to reimburse taxpayers’ legal costs after he was unable to prove that he had been treated “unfairly.”

The exiled royal argued that he was not given the “same degree” of protection after quitting royal life, and even compared his situation to the dangers his late mother, Princess Diana, faced before her tragic death in 1997.

Harry told a hearing that security concerns were preventing him from visiting his home turf.

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